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    Brandon the Beard (Brandon Berger)
    July 10, 2023

    I was satisfied with the diligence of Flo and my project manager, up until the end of the job: The fault is mostly with the contractor who is doing the final repairs. He started on Friday, planning to continue the job on Monday. This may not be their fault, but I have to live those two days in what looks like a war zone (see images). If I had been given some notice in a timely manner (this is where I blame my project manager), I may have been able to arrange a hotel for the next few days until the job is done. Instead, I was notified of the two days of no movement far too late for any arrangements to be made. Again, I have been happy with this company and its staff OVERALL; it is simply this one thing that has made my 5-star review only 3.

    Anna Salazar
    January 06, 2024

    I had very good experience with this company. I had a issue with a leak in my house and the same day this company show up to take care of the humidity in my kitchen and bedroom. All three employees were very professional. Very satisfied and highly recommend this company.

    Rudolph Cherry Jr.
    January 13, 2024

    Very professional and courteous in staying in contact with the clients, but had to be called out numerous times to reinstall tarp over affected area. Didn't seem to have enough equipment to secure in place to prevent the wind from getting under and blowing off the tarp.

    Collin Creeden
    November 29, 2023

    All around bad experience. I had an appt Monday for a mold inspection due to me and my roommates feeling sick, I left work early, got there on time, no one showed up. I called around an hour after the window they gave me ended, connected with a manager, he said "sorry we are short staffed." Call the customer in the morning so they don't leave work early and miss work. He rescheduled me for Tuesday. I already had water mitigation done but mold had grown after the fact, the last mitigation company cleaned where we saw the mold originally, but said they couldn't help us with anything else. the tech that FP restorations sent came and did not do anything. He looked where the mold had already been cleaned, looked in another area where I thought there was mold and said "that's just dust" and left after 5 mins asking for a Google review. I called a different company called Entrusted, the tech came out in 30 mins from the call, looked in the same areas, said "I can't say it's mold for liability but that's not dust by smell" which understandably due to needing to get it tested, and he actually gave me proper next steps on how to handle it. I obviously hope nothing happens again but if it did I wouldn't use FP Restoration or Restorative pros (who did the original water mitigation) again.

    Carrington Nicholas
    September 05, 2023

    I'm a patient and understanding consumer who knows, even expects, that things don't go quite according to plan. I needed repairs done that were just outside of my DIY comfort zone, including a bolt-in shower, plumbing and drywall. This company is pathetic and embarrasing. My experience paralleled material you'd find in a cringe comedy television sitcom. Mr. Project Manager had me pick any shower and door I wanted; That means with no guidance, recommendations or limitations. I measured my own wall and height clearances and pieced together different brands of showers, doors and fixtures, and I tell you what, I did a damn good job. The Project Manager speaks broken English, which we overcame. He moreso acted as a translater between contractors and myself - Most of which missed appointments that I set and I never saw the same worker twice. One told me he had to go to Lowe's and never returned. I had to call Mr. Project Manager 3 hours later to learn that he wasn't returning; Another day, a different contractor looked at the work to be done and said they just couldn't do it; simply left. On one of their most productive days, Project Manager called to inform me that the door frame was 'just a little off' one side; That evening, I learned that meant a difference of more than 0.75" on one side and looked horrendous. I eventually held the Project Manager's hand and walked him through how I'd like the contractor to return to shim each side and by how much. I'm not kidding. There were other, less dramatic, days wasted that included missing or damaged parts delivered by contractors or the Project Manager himself. The final day included me testing fit and function - This is when I found no hot water. I learned via YouTube, with Project Manager over my shoulder, that there are internal cartridges inside the handle; I adjusted it myself as he watched. My job was considered complete with no apologies, remorse or mention of a discount for any inconveniences. The actor portraying "Project Manager" is not as qualified as his resume must claim. Not represented in my review is the above-average customer service I received from both Ann and Flo. I don't dare speak on their behalf, but they seem very well-adjusted to play shortstop for any shortcomings or mistakes their coworkers throw at them and will help with urgency. At the very least, they make you feel like you're an email in someone's Inbox, not the Spam folder. To Ann and Flo: Thank you for your help over the last 4 months; there are much better companies out there hungry for your contribution and I recommend you abandon this ship immediately.

    FP Property Restoration

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