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    December 20, 2022

    I used Disaster Doctors in 2019 and was so upset by the experience that I decided not to review right away because the review would be the length of a novel. 3 years later and it still makes me angry when I allow myself to think about it, which I unfortunately did when coming across some photos of the "job" they did. To be fair, if the repair side was as good as the mitigation side, I would have had a different experience. I liked Derek, he was friendly, but him and Tony, the lead of the repair side at the time, were complete opposites. Derek was super enthusiastic, but tbh he overpromised, especially when Tony came to be involved. I also liked the man who actually came to do the mitigation, he was hardworking and really nice. My experience with Derek wasn't perfect, but I don't have enough room to elaborate. Tony however was a completely different story. He was off-putting and rude from the moment he walked into our home, so it's like he had a chip on his shoulder and hated us before he even had a chance to work with with us. Honestly there's too much mention that I can't detail everything that happened in a review. Derek promised us a lot of things and insisted that communication was extremely important to the company. When I tried to reach out to Tony in order to mention the 2nd damaged shelf to the insurance claim that was left off, he just ignored me. I let it go promptly and decided to just buy a new one. The repairs went horribly. The work was shoddy. The old built-in shelf was such a nice feature of the closet. The repair men had started rebuilding that shelf before they had a chance to look at the pictures of how the shelf was designed before it was torn it out, and I wasn't even being difficult, but it was being built completely wrong. When I mentioned to Tony that they started rebuilding the shelf before seeing the work he said "That's okay." The shelf turned out cheaply made, cheap paint (the paint was getting scrapped off as soon as we started putting things back on the shelf, cheap wood, shoddy, and the measurements were off (huge gaping hole between shelf and closet for example). They were finally "done" with the job two months later without washing the carpets and leaving debris all over the room. Like we were caught off guard when called to ask for payment. "Aren't you going to wash the carpets?" "No, that wasn't included." Oh heck no. Got off the phone and immediately called our insurance to ask about the contract. Guy told us that we were being charged for washing the carpets, vacuuming and debris cleanup, and even replacing the carpet in the closet. None of this was done. Before I could call Tony back, he called me back and said "I guess carpet cleaning was included in the contract." However, I ended up doing all the cleaning of the debris before they came, and they never did replace the carpet that they charged us for. The job took 2 months because when I tried to tell Derek my insurance guy was trying to get ahold of him to work something out, he told me "his part was done" (mitigation and repairs are too different "jobs" in the company) and I thought that meant he had worked it out. At the beginning of the process, Derek told us how important reviews were to their business. They never asked us for a review. We were NEVER rude to them, even though they ignored us and were extremely rude to us.

    E Gomez
    May 24, 2023

    I would like to start by saying that everyone we spoke to and worked with from this company was fantastic. They were kind and worked hard and listened to our concerns. Our only issue we had during this experience was communication and payment. It seemed like maybe the office and the hands-on employees aren’t always on the same page. Each time someone would leave our house, we were told the office would be calling us for the next step, but they never did. Days would go by and we’d have to call them ourselves then more days would go by before the next step was started. When it came time for the first chunk of payments, it ended up being much more than anticipated because they were supposed to do half now half later but never did the first half when the whole thing started. The second chunk of payments (for repairs) had no issues there! I do think I’d use disaster doctors again despite the communication issues because they were all so kind and did a great job.

    Julie Baird
    May 04, 2023

    I will be forever grateful for the care and dignity that I received from them. I was ill from the mold. Quinten came in and dealt with the damage and he dealt with the insurance on my behalf. He was quick and resourceful, and stepped up for me. I appreciate Quinten and the Disaster Doctors. I highly recommend them. Five stars!!

    Linsont Terrell
    May 16, 2023

    Having an expected flood/pipe burst can be a homeowners worst nightmare. But it sure is alot better process having people who can help. Quinten was extremely helpful on saving my baseboards and walls. Keeping it to only flooring damage was a huge weight lifted off my shoulders. Thank you Disaster Doctors for your help.

    Sigifredo Pizana
    May 23, 2023

    I am giving Disaster Doctors a 5 star review and is all because of NaDean Medico. I have reached out to her multiple times for assistance with emergencies and she ensure we get the care we need as soon as possible. If a job is not done the way it should have been done, NaDean ensures her team comes back and make it right.

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