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    Mary C
    September 06, 2023

    Crew Construction responded almost immediately to my emergency! They started the project almost immediately after the initial assessment. Jake from Crew was amazing! He provided great communication regarding the whole process and kept the workers progressing. Unfortunately, the weather stalled the project at times but that is no one's fault. The project was completed and done well.

    Mike Leo
    August 23, 2023

    Lots of companies aren’t worth talking to, but this one was GREAT!! Jael was amazing! Total class act, helped us to get all the work done and even went to bay for us with the insurance company since they didn’t factor in all the costs. We went with Crew because of Jael!

    David Johnson
    September 08, 2023

    Renovating an 100+ year old house is quite a difficult task. CREW came in blind to what was behind years of change and cosmetics. Jake, my coordinator analyzed and brought in professional contractors to break it down. We ended up with the original floor plan with a new contemporary interior. We could not be happier!!

    Eric Fjerestad
    February 03, 2023

    DO NOT USE! To say our dealing with Crew has been unpleasant would be an understatement. We had our basement flood back in August, and Crew at first did a great job. They were on time and got the water cleaned up and dried out in just a few days. Our, nightmare happened after the first original work had been completed. During the clean-up process they broke one of our basement windows, and the employee who did it never apparently told his boss what happened our window went months until December with just a piece of foam over the broken window with no word from Crew. Then we get a bill from the laundry restoration company that Crew works with for over $9000 with no actual itemized bill, just random amounts that we owed. After a lot of calls, the bill was reduced to $7000 bill with over $2000 error. Thanks to insurance we were able to pay that. Then we get a notice from a debt collection agency that our bill from Crew was going to go to collections if we did not pay (please note, we had never seen this bill before). After calling them about it, they said it was a mistake on their end and they were handling it. They got the bill reduced from $10,000 to $7000 and I paid the $7000 bill, only to get another statement from Crew saying I owed them another $3000 for work they never did. By this point, I am fed up and just done with this company. Don't use them. P.S. The window is still not replaced.

    Casey Prostrollo
    August 07, 2022

    Woke up to 2 rental properties in Sioux Falls with water in the basements. Contacted crew and they had one of their many teams at the first house within an hour of the call. They assessed the situation professionally and took the necessary actions to insure no further damage would occur. I highly recommend using them for any damage related issues you have. I understand from research they do many other types of construction related projects and will look them up for my future projects! Great job today fellas!

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