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    Will Cameron
    November 02, 2023

    CMC Construction got us squared away quickly and for a great value… the crew was professional, extremely knowledgeable, and responsive to our needs. Would 100% do business with this company again and 100% recommend them to others - both large and small needs!

    Richard Wehling
    December 14, 2021

    CMC was able to come in behind an unscrupulous contractor, pickup the mess he made and get the job done. Their communication and expertise with me and my insurance company made the stress of insurance claim and repairs bearable and at times even fun... yes fun. Vicki in accounting was a joy to work with, Tim who oversaw the entire project kept thing moving and managed the insurance company's inquiry and filed all supplement documentation, which in itself could have been its own disaster; Mike and Dan the job site supervisors insured quality work, were focused on my expectations and kept us on schedule, even through the start of Covid despite the lack of building materials. Even a large home project of $80k, the pandemic, shortage of materials, and following a shady contractor couldn't stop them from completing the job to my expectations and that of my insurance company. Thank you CMC and your entire staff!!!!

    justin stowe
    December 04, 2021

    We had damage from ice damming that encompassed sheet rock, solid wood flooring, window framing and kitchen cabinet damage. CMC was very thorough in the assessment of damage and made sure that all of our losses were reported to insurance properly. The project lead was Dan. His attention to detail was fantastic. I have never had a contractor that was as concerned with making everything right as him. We had a complete kitchen remodel and new wood floor installed in the office. Dan consistently made certain that anything that he did was up to our expectations. It is rare that I have zero complaints about work performed but this is that occasion. Recommend to anyone needing any home remodel work.

    Forrest Newstrom
    August 04, 2020

    We had a fire almost 1 year ago today. We were 2 weeks from listing the house on the market when the fire occurred. The fire was small but the smoke damaged everything upstairs. CMC was prompt, professional and very responsive. They took and gutted the entire upstairs and restored it into much more than what it was. When we did list it, the first couple to see the house bought it only after 7 hours of being on the market and the price was well in our favor! Special kudos to Dana, the supervisor who always kept us up to speed with what was happening and was reassuring. He also made sure that he made himself available 24x7 if we had any issues. He never let us down. A big thank you to Vickie and Tim in the office who helped to make sure the paper work was correct and did everything in their power to make things easy for us. On a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being outstanding) I would give CMC an 11.5 for going above and beyond. The house was absolutely stunning. Thank you all for your help and support. Chad should be very proud of the team he has built. Forrest & Betty Newstrom

    Lily Coe
    July 01, 2021

    We hired CMC for 2 covered flood claim losses and very large projects at our residental rentals. We absolutely cannot reccommend their services for others. Both Tim and Chad are great talkers (and I am sure deep down nice enough people) and are good at making you feel like they take your concerns seriously but in the end there was never any real action behind the words. We trusted when they said they would be there working on X day and time. The projects were constantly late and overdue which, we expected to a degree but not like they were. We started going over for unrelated reasons to find no one at the jobsite on numerous occasions. Once, sure things happen. Twice, not a problem. But it got to the point and happening so often we were feeling flat out lied to. There were so many workmanship issues, which CMC admitted after raising the concerns, were not up to their standards. We finally had to cash out on many items and hire other contractors to complete the work because we no longer had confidence CMC could do it (this was not being picky, it was gross carelessness or unskilled workmanship-thick, raised and rough drywall repair, mismatched paint, chipped flooring, the list goes on.). We asked on one project CMC add can lights in an area there previously were none. We were quoted and had a design done, signed off on it. Walked in one day to find the ceiling put back up and not a single light in place. They had completely forgot the entire project altogether. Another instance, months ahead of time we brought up not wanting them to wait until the last moment to find out if we could use the old carpet as if it did not work, it could cause major delays and disrupt a new signed contract for tenancy (which we only signed because we were told it would absolutely be done by that date and a very real concern since we were already so far behind schedule due to similar issues). We kept being assured it would not be left for last. Days before the job was supposed to be finished at our insistence for an update we are told the old carpet will not work and new carpet would have be ordered. It caused delays and disrupted the new tenant contract. On both projects we would be told countless times the project was complete and to come do a final walk-through. Every time we would walk in only to find unfinished projects, large holes in the walls that were never patched, missed paint, construction debris, etc. We eventually asked Tim if he was even walking through the jobsite himself because we didn't think if he had he would have told us it was done. He admitted all those times that he had not seen it himself. These are just some of the highlights but there is over a year of similar experiences.Then there are all the poor workmanship issues that have arose after the job has been complete in the months down the line. While I am sure they are nice people in other areas, the handling of this business is terrible and we cannot recommend it to others based on our experiences. I wish our experience was as good as the other folks that have written 5-star reviews but it was not. Hopefully this review saves someone else the time, stress, and financial burden we endured by using CMC.

    CMC Construction, LLC.

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