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    Vincent Bryant
    September 04, 2020

    On May 24, 2020 I had a small kitchen fire in my home. I hired Clean N Dry restoration company based out of Newport News, Virginia on June 5, 2020 to clean my home and complete the rebuild of my kitchen. My insurance company "HomeOwners of America estimated that the entire process would take two or three weeks. There was a return date to be in my home on June 19, 2020. However, there were alot of roadblocks along the wait preventing my family and I from returning to my home. 1. Clean N Dry general manager Skyler Gray and his mother Shirley Gray who serves as the office manager/accounting played me against my insurance company. This tactic slowed down the process. 2. Clean N Dry general manager and his employees entered my home while my family and I were living in a hotel; and began the demolition of my kitchen without authorization from my insurance company. 3. Since Clean N Dry demolished my kitchen cabinets; they were responsible for replacing them. I sent over an estimate to Shirley Gray and Skyler Gray from Cabinets to Go. At that moment Skyler recommended that I use his prefered cabinet company. 4. I went to Ez Cabinetry in Newport News, Virginia. I selected cabinets from the showroom, along with the granite. Before leaving the showroom, I asked "Chris" when would someone come out and do my kitchen measurements. At that moment "Trevor" a Clean N Dry employee said we will take the measurements and forward them to Chris. 5. Weeks went by before the cabinets were installed; I kept calling Clean N Dry asking for updates on the cabinets. Skyler eventually said in order for the process to speed up; they would need to be paid. I then went and got a cashier check in the amount of $15,800 dollars. Two days later I received a phone call from Skyler stating that the cabinets were being installed. I arrived at my home in shock when I saw Clean N Dry employees along with Skyler Gray installing my cabinets. I noticed the cabinets were not leveled; they were uneven. I asked if anyone had done measurements. Skyler responded that "we used the dimension from Cabinets to Go estimate to select the cabinet sizes". I asked Skyler why won't a professional cabinet company hired to install the cabinets. The response he gave me was baffling. "Skyler said there was a 3k difference and was I going to pay the difference"? 6. Due to the delays and the dispute between Clean N Dry and my insurance company my family and I were in a hotel for months during the worst pandemic in American history. My return date was moved to August 7th. On August 5th my kitchen was not complete and debris from the rebuild was left all in my living room and kitchen area. Skyler insured me that everything would be complete by August 7th. 7. Friday August 7th my family and I had to check out of the hotel; I returned to my home in disbelief to see my home still not complete. To make matters worse my furniture and other household belongings were not returned. I got on the phone with 1-800packout to get an update on my items. Todd the project manager from packout informed me at 4pm that Skyler and Clean N Dry had not rendered payment to return my items. I called Skyler and he did not answer; I had to call him from an unknown number for him to answer the phone. Skyler answered and immediately began to lie; he said he paid packout and he did not know why they had not returned my items. 8. August 7th my family and I had to spend the night with relatives because my items were not returned due to Clean N Dry failure to render payment to their vendors. 9. Moved into the home on August 8th with my kitchen not functionable. Weeks go by with still no activity regarding my kitchen. 10. Clean N Dry crew installed my granite incorrectly; I have four pieces of granite; with two pieces not glued to the countertop; my long aisle granite has major gaps and is sitting on shims and not on the cabinet itself. I have made numerous attempts to try to have Clean N dry Correct the problem and they have refused to do so. My ceiling texture is not the same. Stay away from this company!!!!!

    Jodie Watkins
    March 23, 2022

    The guy didn’t show up until after 12:00pm I scheduled to be the first one on 03/21/22. A week in advance. It took him 30 min to get the equipment upstairs. And about 15 to shampoo 3 rooms. The carpets look like they were just vacuumed not cleaned. The guy was on his phone instead of shampooing the carpet.. don’t use them they are unprofessional and don’t do there job.

    Lynn “KANDIEGURL” Mahan
    March 22, 2022

    I request to be the first one on the morning, the lady said I would be since I set it a week in advance. But I was not I had to call twice to find out where the guy was. He got here aft 12pm it took him about 30 minutes to drag everything up to the third floor. He brought something in a bottle up needed wato he could do what ever the pretreatment is then went back down to get something. When he started he was basically doing the rooms like when you vacuum was on his phone in one room an I ask him if he was supposed to be on the phone or shampooing carpets. Needless to say he shampoos three rooms in 15 min an is out of here by 1245 I let the carpet dry and they look no different and smell the same. I got a call from the lady today saying she's calling for payment of stain removal I'm like the stains ate still in the carpet. The carpet looks exactly if I t were just vacuumed. It's not cleaned. You guys are Joking right. This is not how your customers should be treated. And if your workers want to complain a d tell someone they need to move to a ground floor apartment they are in the wrong business. Now I have to find a company that can actually ahamp the carpet. Extremely disappointed.

    Brittney Johnson
    May 24, 2019

    I’ve owned my home for 5 years without any major repairs. But when it rains it pours and I ended up having two major water leaks at once (plumbing and HVAC). I the past I’ve worked with a lot of home warranty dispatched contractors who were very shady; these guys were the total opposite! John and Skylar touched bases with me and were able to come to my house within 30 minutes notice! When they arrived they were extremely professional, well groomed, honest, and paid great attention to detail. They identified another potential issue and contacted my insurance adjuster to update them and get approval for the additional restoration. This sounds like a small thing but as a busy working mom I do not have time to continuously take time off from work for repairs. It made my life so much easier that they were able to get everything done the first day. They really take their name to heart! When John and Skylar left my home they made sure it was “clean n dry.” They’ve got a customer for life!

    Josh Shelton
    November 20, 2019

    Clean N Dry did a job for our company a few weeks ago. Great communication, quick response time, and affordable. The only criticism I had was that they only brought one person to the job after I told them there was furniture that would need moved. That made it tough on the tech but he managed. Otherwise great experience.

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