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    Wendy Bilton Arbuckle
    October 17, 2023

    Words cannot fully express how grateful I am to have found Biotek Environmental! Ted took a lot of time compassionately listening to my concerns and explaining the initial process over the phone. Tyler patiently shared his extensive knowledge on how mold develops along with natural ways to clean clothes and surfaces. He also explained the meter reads of mold counts and humidity levels as I tagged along from room to room during the home inspection. Every step of the process was clearly explained creating a great sense of confidence in me and Dad. Crew members Jermaine, Ray, and Matt were friendly, considerate, and diligent in their hardworking task of removing the mold source. Donna was very professional and prompt to respond to any questions by email. I could go on and on with how pleased and relieved I am to have found Tyler and company but I will just close by stating the obvious: health is vital. My elderly father's health and general quality of life have improved substantially since we hired Biotek Environmental. They are also a clean company with a generous warranty. I highly recommend them to anyone in need of a healthier home.

    Louis Beccavin
    November 11, 2023

    We had a major mold problem 4 years ago that Ted identified. The solution was to install a vapor barrier in the crawl space. But first all the insulation had to be removed and then a remedial fungicide applied to all effected surfaces. Then several HEPA Air Scrubbers were temporarily put in our living areas to remove excess moisture.

    Samantha Hammond
    January 06, 2023

    We had a pipe burst in our attic on Christmas Eve. It flooded the whole downstairs of my home. I called several companies, all with extensive waiting lists. When I called Biotek and spoke with Ted, he was able to help me immediately and the work began the next day. Within two days, they had completed my water remediation. The crew on my project was extremely professional and friendly as well. They were a Godsend in one of the most difficult situations of my life. Thank you!!

    Dan Stroud
    January 30, 2023

    Water damage remediation performed on unattached garage. Charged $725 upfront for 1 hour "water damage analysis". Basic job was performed but charged almost $2,000.00 extra for materials and services not supplied or performed. I complained to Ted Borys who admitted to some and excused others saying performed thousands of dollars in work not billed. Why not bill honestly for actual services provided? He asked why I was questioning since insurer had approved. They weren't there to observe and verify work - I was. This is Angi's top recommendation??? Dealing with Angi and Biotek turned unfortunate disaster into unpleasant and regrettable $10,000+ experience.

    Kimberly McManus
    April 24, 2023

    ** Update: The owner of Biotek called and explained the mishap of how the samples were misplaced and apologized for the delay. Biotek came back out to take the samples again. A few days later, we received the results. The results stated our house was in terrible condition, we had mold everywhere and it needed to be completely redone. We called another company that only provides the results and does not do any remediation to come out and get a second opinion. They came out and stated we had one place that was bad in our house but everywhere else was overall fine. Our daughter has been sick and needed surgery so the owner of Biotek did help us and provide us an air purifier to use in our house until we could get her well. I do not understand why Biotek's results would show mold throughout 75% of our house, while this other company only showed one bad attic space. I called the company to come out and check our house for mold. Before the inspection started I showed the inspector the three different attic entrances and two crawl space entrances. Our attic is split into three different areas and you cannot access one area from another. After the inspector finished I asked him about two of the attic spaces that I didn’t see him go into and he said he could see those areas from the one section. I knew that was not possible. I asked him to check the areas again. At the end of the inspection I was told I would have the report in 2-3 business days. It is over a month now, and I still do not have the report. I have called the office number, left an voicemail and have not received a call back. I have called the inspector multiple times, which he says he will send me the report and doesn’t.

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