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    Michael Sullivan
    September 07, 2023

    Beware!! Started a job in May and procrastinated until Aug25 Liars I paid for a certain carpet and they installed a really cheap one and the painter painted walls different colors. Drinking vodka and using drugs in my bathroom threw a vodka bottle on my lawn. The job supervisors both lied to me. I had to go over everyone’s head to get things done. Please beware!!!!!!!! They cracked tile and would not admit it.

    November 20, 2023

    This company provided a boiler operator to cross our picket line and operate our boiler plant equipment. I would call them a strike-breaking company and would never recommend them. To all union members across the state do not allow this company on your site.

    Ian Gledhill
    August 27, 2017

    BELFOR should be ashamed, and embarrassed with their employees and my project. I wish we had seen their Yelp reviews before we worked with them. Here are the top 7 reasons BELFOR has been awful: 1. 5 months later, my 100 square foot kitchen is not finished----- Here is a list of what has occurred: Mold remediation, replacing a section of floating hardwood floor (which we had on hand), refinishing cabinet fronts, installing linoleum, and replacing countertops. How long should this take in a 100 square foot kitchen? How long do you think this should take? Each portion of the project has literally taken a month. 2. Scanned my wife's calls---- After mold remediation was completed, Jeffery did not pick up my wife's calls or call her back after messages. This delayed our two weeks at the very beginning. The first time I called from a different number, he picked up and finally started things moving "forward." This was in early July. Jeffery completely violated all trust within the first month of working with them. 3. Don't take responsibility for mistakes---- Jeffery said he wasn't answering my wife's calls because something happened at a school. Two weeks of not picking up a phone because a school had water damage. Nowhere in an 80 hour work week could he find time to talk to my wife. I understand being busy, but I don't understand not taking 5 minutes to talk to your client. Making mistakes is how people learn, but not taking responsibility demonstrates a lack of personal character. Later, Patrick also deferred responsibility. Please read on. 4. Don't know materials, or don't communicate well with contractors---- I was presented an edge detail by Patrick for countertops. Ultimately this detail was not available for our style of countertop. This delayed our project once again. Patrick initially blamed us for choosing countertops that delayed the project further, then apologized. He then blamed the fabricators saying Belfor would not work with them again. He either did not know the materials, or he did not communicate well with the countertop fabricators. Either way, he did not take responsibility. The lack of integrity involved with the two Belfor employees I have worked with has been repugnant. 4. Unrealistic timelines----We started working with Belfor in late March. It is currently August 27th. The contract had a June 30th completion. To be perfectly clear, this is my first time that I have worked with contractors through insurance. Maybe I was naive for believing the timeline of the contract? Never again. 5. BELFOR knew it would take this long----It was no surprise to either Jeffery or Patrick that they did not meet a June 30th deadline when I got them to sit down with me in July. Why was such a ridiculous deadline in the contract? It is definitely not with us, the customer in mind. They should be ashamed and embarrassed for taking a job that was a minor inconvenience to us, and turning it into a daily problem for 5 months. I can't wait to be through with these people. 6. I don't trust their billing----They are charging the insurance nearly $20,000 for this seemingly small project. After everything else, I surely don't trust them not to price gouge and inflate costs. Mold remediation was $4,000. So with this in mind, what does a 100 square foot $16,000 dollar kitchen look like? If you thought laminate countertops, resurfaced cabinets, generic appliances, and linoleum floors, you are correct with BELFOR. 7. Messy contractors---- Not all of them mind you, Ron, and his son Zach are amazing folks. Other contractors left small screws in our driveway where they parked. Perfect for puncturing tires. The floor people left our refrigerator without water after it had worked before. This in a completely torn apart kitchen. The refrigerator was our main source of drinking water. Luckily Zach was there the next day and he was able to help me out. The kitchen is supposed to be finished this week. Based on my experience, would you trust them with this timeline? Would you trust them with your project?

    James Moore
    November 15, 2023

    Strike breaking company!!! I would give a 0 star if I could. They crossed our picket line.

    Zarifa Hanifi
    October 21, 2018

    We had a great experience with Emily and Grant they both time in explaining everything to me that show how passionate they are about their clients. They do a great job and their communication is on point.

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