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    Johnny W Johnson
    June 16, 2022

    When we hired Belfore they worked hard with insurance company to match quote. Its been 11 mths. and work is not completed. There has been total lack of communication and responses to our e mails and phone calls. The carpentry work is very sloppy with floors unlevel, walls not straight, doors/windows hung crooked. The "quote' from insurance for work needed was not done. Soffit and facia was in insurance bid but was not in quote half way through. We are being charged AGAIN for that work. Cheaper materials were used than quote. "Construction manager" disappeared half way through the job so there was then NO communications for what had been done verses what still needed to be done. We paid cash for a closet to be built but that charge appears again in final work order. We also provided many materials-paint, tile, doorknobs/handles but am being charged for these items. We tried to inspect projects as they were being done. We found multiple mistakes that had to be re done. We DID NOT sign and additional change order that was dated 5/27/22 for $44,000. !! We were told "custom doors and windows would be necessary." That was not true but we were still charged. Bathroom tile was hung without water barrier. Plumbing was hung in basement areas where we clearly stated our plans were to finish basement for living space. We provided many materials and then were charged for them again. We paid cash for an additional closet work and we are being billed for that also. Work site was left messy leaving us to clean bricks and trash out of yard. This was suppose to be included in work order. Never met deadlines. We were unaware business is not recognized by BBB and has terrible reviews. Should have done more homework. We trusted the corporation of Belfore but should have researched the Chattanooga owners before choosing. This house will be difficult for resale due to the lack of attentions to details in the workmanship.

    Samantha Britton
    April 04, 2019

    We recently bought a house and prior to closing, huge water leak happened and Belfor was picked through insurance .Originally we were quoted the project would take approx 2 months. The workers didnt do much of anything the first month and the second month they got behind. We were supposed to close june before the leak and then estimated to close in August after the leak happened. We did not close on our home until the middle of September! They cracked tiles downstairs, did not install the sinks in the kitchen or bathroom properly, and had the air on blast while they were putting dry wall up which eventually caused our unit to get blocked. It was like pulling teeth to get them to come out and fix anything that they messed up before we closed and they refused to replace the tiles or fix the water leak in the bathroom, claiming it was not their fault. Instead of installing the pipes correctly in the bathroom, they put a towel down for the drip to "stop the leak." These may seem like minor issues, however it was incredibly frustrating to have to sit and wait while this company took their time getting things done . Not at all impressed with this company .

    Braden Biggs
    December 21, 2019

    A tree fell on our house in June 2019, it’s December and they’re STILL working on our house. They have messed up on just about everything. We weren’t even supposed to get a new living room floor but they had to replace It because they did not cover it up, like they said, and it got ruined. We waited almost a month for ONE section on the cabinets. And when they put the cabinets in they had to redo it because they were crooked. When we moved back in, in October we had no counter tops or a sink. That’s just SOME of the things they screwed up. I DO NOT recommend this company AT ALL.

    Dianne McIntosh
    July 29, 2020

    This is the worst company! They will charge for work not done and lie about it! They will use/steal/destroy tools that belong to a deceased spouse. They smoke on your property. They cut corners and use pine wood instead of oak. They don’t keep you updated as promised and never meet deadlines. You’ll regret dealing with this company.

    David Rose
    August 24, 2022

    We had flooding and they were great to show up and explain all that was being done and worked to get us fixed.

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