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    Stephanie Tatum
    November 02, 2022

    I had a flood in my condo and Belfor was great at putting everything back together. They were the only ones who could get to me in a timely matter. They even started before their projected date. Very happy with the results…flooring, carpet walls etc.

    Melissa Wiseman
    September 20, 2022

    Currently at the mercy of this company. Time line has been a complete joke. The magic 3d camera we waited months for has not helped with replacement of like quality, measurements or layout of the house. It has become apparent I might never see a budget for the demo with any kind of cost that I have been asking for months for. No one checked the engineering plans for the roof, it was missing a truss. My husband caught the problem and workers continued to finish wrong until a screaming match with the Forman and…. Wow turns out, we were missing a piece…. This brings us to today, failed the “nail test” on the roof! Have no idea who to call and inquire how we just failed a test they know the answers to but did not take the time to do correctly because everyone I talk to points a finger at someone else. Almost want to call the fire department and scold someone over there who gave me their card the night my house caught fire…

    Jared Ellsworth
    January 04, 2019

    I'm not one to review things. This is actually my first review of anything... Most unprofessional and incompetent people ever. I'm buying a townhome that is being restored by Belfor and was told they would be done no later than November 30. I gave myself plenty of margin by paying rent for December just to make sure. It's now January 4 and I'm homeless because they can't finish the job. My wife is pregnant and I have a 1 year old daughter. Not a good situation to be homeless. All Belfor needs to do is connect a kitchen sink, install some smoke detectors, and do an inspection for occupancy. That was before Christmas. They have let it sit for almost 2 weeks and have done NOTHING. Meanwhile I'm trying to figure out who's couch my family can sleep on for the weekend. NEVER USE THIS COMPANY. They don't care about you, or apparently their own work.

    Deborah Anderson
    June 20, 2015

    Friends Don’t Let Friends Use Belfor Scope of Work: Water damage to kitchen, living room and master bath Estimate to Completion: Never given Actual Time to Completion including Billing & Payment: 51 weeks The comments below are only a snapshot of the major problems I had with Belfor. I could include pages of documentation of all the things that went wrong, the evidence of poor workmanship, absent management, nepotism, lying. If you choose Belfor to do your restoration, get ready for a nightmare. Belfor’s recorded “hold” message states: “We will devise a restoration plan and cover your important items. You can be assured that as soon as a Belfor representative arrives on site, this is as bad as the damage will get.”. Supervisor on initial inspection described process: I will receive a Project Outline with Projected Completion Date. I would receive a list of materials needed including list of preferred vendors and budget amounts. I never received any of this. Belfor worked with a sub-contractor. I never saw any dollar amounts or any budget. I had to reselect materials three times because it turned out they were not in budget. I have an electric outlet in the middle of my living/dining room area. Since it would be difficult to lay wood floor around this, the crew decided to cement over my outlet. I saw this and demanded they “uncement” it. The next day, they laid wood floor right on top. I had to bring an attorney and a member of my HOA board to a meeting to confront the supervisor and project manager. After weeks of delay, they had to rip up the newly laid wood floor to drill out the cemented outlet. Belfor crew and subs used my possessions to do their work. They used my indoor step ladder that is now stained with paint. They used my floor lamp and damaged it. A hairdryer from my guest bath has gone missing. I assume someone used it to dry grout or something and took it with them. They used my kitchen trash can for construction materials and it was ruined. Belfor was 30 days past-due in paying one of the subs. That sub threatened to put a lien on my home. I demanded, and you should too no matter who you use, Unconditional Release of Liens from every sub-contractor who did even the smallest work on my home. That took two months for them to get. MONTHS had gone by and they still owed a different sub money. My possessions were not covered. I asked for a cleaning crew to come in at the end. They said yes, this is standard procedure. The cleaning “crew” was the girlfriend of one of the crew members. The level of cleaning that needed to be done was well beyond one person with a bottle of Windex and a rag. I specifically asked, via a punch list that I posted, that my ceiling fan be cleaned of construction dust. They ignored that request. As the months have passed since they completed the work, I continue to find evidence of sloppy work: missing grout, caulk smeared on the edge of my tub etc. I fear for what else I will discover or what short-cuts they took that I won’t see and how that has compromised the quality of my home.

    Jessie M
    August 26, 2014

    Horrible customer service as far as keeping to the schedule and being on time. The workers are nice people, but never on time. Out of 6 guys only one came when he was suppose to. They send a different guy out for every little task so that takes the process even longer to get done. It's been 6 weeks and two days the our bedroom that flooded is still not finished. The project director says his guy will be out at a certain time and then he sends them to other jobs so they show up late or not at all, and he forgets to return calls. They were also suppose to haul the old carpet out of here twice saying they would and never did we had to have someone else pick it up. The worst service I have ever dealt with as far as getting it done and on time.

    BELFOR Property Restoration

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