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    Steven Vigneau
    September 07, 2023

    I was unable to find the exact date of the repair on my home but, the damage to my garage was done after Thanksgiving. It was after all the rain we got in the winter. All the other contractors I talked to were too busy to even take a look at my home. I found ATI Restoration on line and they sent a representative to do an estimate within 3-days. I told the representative that I would like them to do the job ASAP. I signed the contract within a couple of days and they sent a crew to my home about a week later. The repair was done in 1-day. When the crew was finished, the garage looked like damage had never happened. ATI was there when I needed them and the quality of their work is unmatched. The price I was charged very fair. If I had any new damage to my home in the future, ATI would be my 1st and ONLY choice on my list. Great Work Guys, Steven Vigneau

    Sara M
    May 19, 2023

    Just wanted to come on here and share my experience. I had a young lady named Jennifer help me out with my invoice questions and she was just wonderful. She had great customer service and was very patient with all of the questions that I had. Just wanted to make it known how great she was!

    Liangzhe Chen
    December 19, 2022

    We had water damage and had ATI repair the damage. - They didn't install the toilet back correctly, after moving back in for 3 months, we're astounded to see water dripping from the ceiling in the first floor again. It's the dirty black water leakage that contaminated the area drip by drip. Imagine if the toilet was in the first floor, we wouldn't even notice it for years. After fixing it again, we start to have ant problems in the house every now and then. - We checked in every other day during their repair. When they did the painting, they didn't mask the safe we left in the house, and the paint was all over it. After we wiped it clean, the color was eroded by the paint. When we reached out for this issue, they simply denied it and said it's damaged by the previous demolition work, not their fault. That's a lie. - We dropped by the house when they installed the dry wall. The workers used our washer machine and drying machine as tables to drop their tools when they worked on the ceiling. We inspected the washer and dryer afterwards and saw scratches. We raised this issue, again they denied it and said it's damaged by the previous demolition. Another lie. - We had a peeling foam issue in the furnace room that was not there before and their project manager said he'd reach out to the insurance company about this. He never got back to us on this after several reminders. After all work was done, we still had around ~6k payment left to make, and we contact them about their damage on our safe, washer and dryer several times but there's no response. Eventually they just sent a notice of intent to file a lien. We didn't want to waste more time and effort on getting this right, so we just made the payment. But the experience was bad, they're dishonest and unprofessional. I wouldn't use their service again.

    Neel Singhal
    October 22, 2022

    Would not at this time. Reached out to them in early September about helping repair about 50K in damage sustained to our condo. Jacob came out to take pictures on sept 16. We have yet to receive an estimate or contract about starting despite exchanging numerous emails suggesting that their company is able to help. I didn’t solicit other bids in the mean time just thinking it would work out with them. Now it’s clear they don’t have the bandwidth and I’m starting from scratch on getting estimates. Really upset with their service.

    Karson Kwan
    November 03, 2018

    This company is corrupt and dishonest with all of their services. They were contracted by the insurance company, Nationwide, to complete a restoration of a broken exterior wall of our building. They inflated the square footage of the damaged area by more than 400 square feet; and also charged an exorbitant amount of extra money per hour to do "scaffolding", "masking", and "cleaning". In fact, they did not do any scaffolding whatsoever, since the damaged area was 1 foot up from the ground. And they charged 8 hours for scaffolding ALONE. They also did not do any masking, and the evidence is clear, since the unaffected areas of my exterior trim (white in color) clearly has paint residue and over-spray from the color of the building (blue). Additionally, they did not even bother to match the color of the paint from the damaged wall to the other 3 walls of the building, and this is also evident in photos that I have taken that can clearly show this. Then, they decided to charge an additional 4 hours for "cleaning" when the area was not cleaned at all. Maybe if you charged 1 or 2 hours at most for that, this would be reasonable; but you didn't, and you decided to lie about it. This is clearly a case of insurance fraud, as they are trying to rip-off the insurance company since they knew that this was an insurance claim and they thought they could get away with doing whatever they wanted. They kept trying to ask for payment when they 1) had not fixed their mistakes yet, and 2) did not correct the flawed invoice with the extraneous charges. What business deserves to be paid for something they didn't do? Additionally, a friend of mine had tried to use this company to do their work through another insurance claim, but was rejected because the "job was too small". Insurance company contracts state that contractors must accept a job, as long as the cost of the job is over the amount of deductible. This means that they must take the job, even if the job costs $1,001 with a $1,000 deductible. These guys decided that it wasn't worth the hassle, and decided to deflate their bid to be significantly under the deductible so that they wouldn't have to take the job. When in fact, the job would have cost more than the deductible. They tried to pick and choose their jobs, based on how much money they make, even though the insurance company does not allow this. Bottom line: this company is extremely dishonest, their workmanship is lousy, and they are trying to scam yours/the insurance company's money. I would not trust them to do work ever again, and neither should you.

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