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    Brian Ostrom
    November 03, 2023

    We were given ACR by our insurance company. They were paid $44,000 by the insurance company even before we reviewed their contract. The first clue to walk away was the lengthy contract with a separate link to more language not readily visible from the signature pages. Daily hounding to sign, sign, sign their contract. As well as pay the deductible on day one. Aside from the required State protections, their contract is completely one-sided. Usually these contracts are written to indemnify them based on past practices, at the expense of the homeowners. The initial bid is usually low to appease the insurance company. Then everything grinds to a halt. The materials are not ordered. Subcontractors with no ID, no company logo, show up after normal work hours to take measurements that were already taken 10-12 weeks earlier. Insurance company inquiries on expected completion date go unanswered. ACR has repeatedly lied to owners stating that addendums and supplements were submitted to the insurance company. Basically falsely blaming their delays on the insurance company’s lack of approval. When, in fact, nothing has been submitted to insurance by ACR. It’s just a lie, and a stall tactic. It’s been 2-months and not a single item has been repaired. ACR has refused to give license and identification for any of their subcontractors. For all we know, they were found in the Home Depot parking lot. They have lied repeatedly regarding the ordering of materials. To date nothing has been ordered. Meanwhile, they will skillfully ratchet up the cost of the job and if the insurance company balks, the owner is responsible for any excess undisclosed, unspecified, and unforeseen costs. The delays continue while the scam intensifies. Attempts to reach project managers and/or the owners go on for days with no response. We suspect they will find an excuse to hold the owner in breech of their lengthy word salad contract and walk, or delay delay delay while increasing the cost of the job. If insurance declines their supplements, it’s on the owner. Eventually the job costs will undoubtedly be at or above the much higher bids from other companies. It’s their method for getting their foot in the door. Meanwhile the house is torn apart and unlivable with no clear progress or start date in sight. Just stalling, excuses, and lies. Do yourself a favor, get several bids and don’t walk, run from ACR. Owner"s Response to Review was a word salad CYA response. There is/was no continued professional, transparent communication. In fact, they said one thing but did the complete opposite. They had picked up the existing cabinet faces prior to their 3-week zero communication period. They initially kept the location and name of the cabinet company a secret. According to ACR, the cabinet people do not use email (first clue). ACR overcharged the insurance company by disregarding the $2,000 deductible paid by owner. Only when owner pointed it out did they adjust amount they billed insurance. Keep in mind ACR was paid by insurance BEFORE cabinets were completed. Then ACR emailed and said they would delivery the cabinets. But something changed and they conned the new contractor into coming to pickup the cabinets. There were missing cabinets (only 12 of 16 were on site). The cabinets were scratched, and falling apart at the seems. The insurance investigator determined that these cabinets were unusable. However, ACR is refusing to return the $14,000+ insurance payment. Meanwhile the cabinets are worthless and must be remade by another company. Keep in mind that had any homeowner contracted with ACR directly, there would have been no payment. But since insurance paid ACR prior to cabinet completion, I guess ACR feels they are owed the money for a set of garbage cabinets. Needless to say ACR refuses to answer emails and/or phone calls. Last contact, with Nick we couldn't get a word in before he began shouting and hung up. However, the owner's review states they pride themselves with the utmost professionalism. That's fabrication at best.

    M Jej
    November 25, 2023

    Dealing with ACR was fine. The sub-contractors were very nice guys, but did not seem very qualified. We were told that they used Youtube videos to figure out how to complete certain projects. This seems more in line with a DIYer, rather than a qualified professional. They cut various corners to get our project done and it shows even to this day. We’ve elected to resolve these issues without ACR because, by their contract, we are unable to utilize alternative subcontractors who may be more qualified. We no longer wanted them in our home, and if we are unable to get qualified people, we’d rather seek resolution elsewhere. There was also a myriad of contractual issues caused solely by our project manager. He was fired during our project and we only found out because someone left a business card at our home which puzzled us because ACR suggested we move out temporarily. So they were well aware we weren’t home, but never reached out via telephone as they had before. In essence, they were deliberately avoiding us, or that’s what it seemed at least. I had to ask the subcontractors to stop washing their paint brushes in our bathroom sinks. I am still finding chunks of paint in our plumbing. I cannot explain how frustrating this is, and is the reason why several months later I am posting this review. We are currently investigating the extent of the issue. We ended up compromising with the situation and electing to move forward without ACR. The situation was emotionally distressful to begin with, and we were so left in the dark that we never felt any relief until everyone was gone.

    Maria Major
    July 31, 2022

    Jeffrey and Steve are amazing. They were always available whenever I reached out to them. I described my vision to them and they caught that vision and made it a reality. Thanks to AZ Construction and all the hard-working, professional, and talented employees. If you are still looking -- STOP -- you have found the best of the best. Maria & Pat

    Thomas Knox
    October 27, 2023

    ACR is a great company to work with and get top notch quality and service from start to finish! RECOMMEND 100%

    Anne Shane
    August 23, 2023

    We had serious water damage in our home in Scottsdale. ACR came out immediately and started the mitigation process. They were very responsive and communicated with us regularly about their progress in mitigating all of the water damage. Julio and his crew of Rafael, Rosalio, Michael, Mario and Juan did an excellent job with all aspects of the initial phase of our restoration.

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