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    Charles Cooke
    July 14, 2023

    Came out looked at my house for tree damage to the roof filed claim with insurance was approved and put new roof on my house and didn't change the broke rafters that was supposed to be fixed only replaced part of the plywood left old plywood with holes in it and used shingles for the roof cap. Came back out to fix it and had to remove the roof again fix what I sent them pictures of before they sent qoate to insurance company got message from arcus the other day saying they were going to send in charge order for the rafter repair that they have already been paid for. Got another call from insurance company saying they didn't put the new roof vents in on price and it's $826 for 4 $25 turtle back vints. Very bad make sure you have someone who knows construction to check there work. I argued with them about hiding the broke rafters and putting the roof on and trying to hide the stuff that they were supposed to fix there answer was we didn't put that in the estimate after I sent them the pictures of the broke rafters the holes in the roof. When they finally fixed the rafters they cut through the ceiling upstairs in the bedroom messing up the sprained textured ceiling thanks for that. Be careful with these people

    Sheri Kelly R
    August 31, 2021

    On March 25 we had a house fire. On March 26 I called my insurance agent who suggested Arcus. I called and Arcus came out right away and then I filed my claim. Arcus provided the estimate to my Insurance Adjuster. Before they began, Arcus and Clarus came to the house. I was never in the communication loop. All repair negotiation and price was done behind the scenes, I assumed between the estimator or project manager and my adjuster. When shown the price tag I was shocked but I know nothing about repair costs. The price was broken into Scope of work, Clarus Contents Renewal Co., and FMS Cleaning. A Month after the fire, Arcus began the work. On April 23 Clarus came to PackOut the contents of the rooms affected. On April 27 Arcus began the work. Cleaning was very quick. Clarus sent many employees to pack out and they stored our belongings and furniture in a Mobile Mini. The work was done but insulation was not changed which I think was on the Scope of Work, not certain. The Painters were excellent but the flooring company left a lot to be desired. They postponed a couple times, showed up without enough pad, so they left and went to lunch. The project manager brought the needed pad out. Then as they cut it in the driveway, they rolled it up with Boxelder tree seeds in it. I pointed it out but he said it won't matter. It was on the underside. Then as he scraped staples off my floor he told me if I wanted them gone I'd have to vacuum it myself. When they put the carpet in they were rough and sloppy and it seemed to have lots of snags and runs. They told me the faster they rush, the more money they make. They also pointed out that the carpet can run but they thought I'd be ok. The quality was certainly not the quality of the previous carpet I had before the fire. Then, when it came time to pack my contents back in, the first day was a disaster. Only 2 guys came, and they moved most of the furniture in but in the 8 hour days I didn't see much of them. I knew we needed more help and they seemed lost. I called Clarus to mention they didn't send adequate help. I jumped in an began moving my own lightweight furniture pieces. The next day they sent 2 guys and 3 women, which helped a lot, but still I had to jump in and do my own packing in. I noticed my furniture had not been cleaned adequately and later had to clean the fire extinguisher residue off myself. I did my own closet and cabinet pack ins and sent them home at 3pm and finished the rest myself. All in all, I felt communication was absent regarding contractor / insurance negotiation, which left me feeling lost and frustrated. Then I was shocked at the price tag and felt it was crazy high. Lastly I was very unimpressed that I had to clean my own furniture, bring some of my own pieces in, and do half of my own pack in after seeing the price tag was $8101 for that part of the restoration. All in all, on the positive side, Arcus did the adjusting and negotiation and found contractors, and the restoration is now done. On the negative side, not everything in the estimate ( like the insulation piece ) was done. They said it wasn't needed. I was told Arcus puts the needed restoration into an adjuster format for the insurance company. The price tag was way higher than I thought it would be, and the contents pack in was disasterous and overpriced for what I was told to expect. I wish I had been given more transparency and say in the matter and that the contents cleaning, and pack in had lived up to what I was told to expect. Lastly, I wish the carpet had been a better quality. The carpet they gave me was significantly lower quality than the one I had before the fire. Three months after it was installed one of the the loops got caught on my dogs collar and created a run. I contacted them but have not had any response yet. I'm upset about being given a lower quality carpet when my job was so expensive.

    Tom MacNish
    August 01, 2023

    Arcus Restoration did a tremendous job repairing some extensive water damage to our finished basement. We were more than satisfied with every aspect of the Arcus operation. Our project manager, Greg, visited our home to supervise the work almost daily. His crew, headed by David of VIP Home Solutions, worked diligently to complete our repairs in an unbelievably short amount of time. The Arcus scheduler, Holly, called us, so we knew when each of our subcontractors (flooring, sheet rock, painting, plumber, electrician, movers, final cleaning) were going to be at our home. Finally, at the end of the job, Greg conducted a final walk-through of the entire project to address any problems or complaints. There were none. Everyone we dealt with at Arcus was friendly, punctual, and competent. Their workmanship was outstanding. We thank Greg, David, Holly, and the entire Arcus team for a job well done.

    Angela Myers
    November 27, 2023

    Every experience I have had with this company has been a joke … my insurance company has them as a preferred provider… I have a small amount of wind damage… there rep came and didn’t even get on the roof .. gave me a quote … I didn’t trust it and wanted to make sure nothing else was wrong … the insurance company sent another person to evaluate and he agreed it was just the trim so the insurance company said to call at us and use them … it was such a small amount it would be out of pocket ..I basically forgot about it until a neighbor mentioned it a few months later .. when I called they said they needed to make sure nothing else had happened… my quote for the same work was 3more than the first quote .. when I told him that he said that it was through the insurance and they hardly gave them enough to make any money .. not my problem… then he said that the previous man who quoted me didn’t even quote labor .. again not my problem… and then he gave me the number of another company to call … hopefully nationwide will remove them from the preferred partner list .

    Melanie Otero
    March 18, 2022

    I can’t say enough good things about my experience with this company. I work in the construction industry therefore I know that it’s hard to find good work nowadays. From the communication to the quality of work …they hit it all out if the park. Ben the estimator was extremely thorough. I got lucky and had Jarrod for my project manager and he was the best to work with. Very friendly and helpful with explaining everything and making sure everything went smoothly. They have Molly doing the scheduling and she was very friendly and always informative. Each sub was on time (which is crazy) and were friendly and quick. Jarrod even caught something that wasn’t perfect and sent one sub back, which I wouldn’t even had fussed over in the slightest. So their level of quality control is superb. Like I said it was everything I hoped this remodel work would end up being and as stress free as possible. Don’t hesitate and just proceed with them would be what I would recommend 100%

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