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    Ryan Trowbridge
    May 18, 2024

    After meeting with rusty for my interview I had mixed feelings. For the first 3 or 4 months I didn't have a set schedule and was bounced between 2 locations. I was assigned a ten hour route and immediately rusty wanted me to cut down my hours. It got to the point where I couldn't take a break or even a lunch break. I still clocked out for my lunch but continued to work so I could finish in time. It got to the point where I had to write down each task I did and keep an exact time of when I started the task to when I finished the task. I had to do this nightly. After they lost one of the accounts I was assigned to another building. I worked at that building for almost a year. Even tho we had the cleanest building in the company I never received a raise. We were promised many pizza parties that never happened. I asked for a raise once and was denied. My lead also asked for me to get a raise but was also denied. The building had stupid requests like adjust all the chair arms in the building or to adjust the blinds to a certain height. Even if we did these things the building supervisor still complained that we didn't. The building supervisor called us numerous names and referred to us as stupid.. American cleaning supervisors were about worthless and were more concerned with spreading gossip than doing the work or leading. I saw many employee fired because the supervisors lied about them to get them fired. When this was brought up to American cleaning management they would just fire the employee and not even address the supervisor lying.. I saw good employees get fired for nothing and less than desirable employees get away with all kinds of stuff. We had one CO worker who would leave the building go to a local park and hangout with her boyfriend. Instead of firing that employee they moved her to a different building and hired her boyfriend. Her boyfriend didn't even last a month before he was fired. I had a supervisor lie about me and before I could even talk to the office they had cut me my final paycheck. It took the office almost a full week to put my check in the mail. American cleaning had deemed me a problem worker because I didn't want to move into a leadership position.. I have a friend who became a lead at American cleaning and even tho we worked late nights American cleaning would start calling and emailing her around 10am with problems and concerns. I wouldn't suggest working for American cleaning. Rusty Brummer is very two faced and lies constantly. Every American cleaning supervisor I came in contact with was a liar was more concerned with gossip than doing the work or leading. Every supervisor I worked with couldn't handle the easiest job in the building without help. If you do decide to work at American cleaning I would suggest recording every interaction you have with the supervisors or management of American cleaning. I had a supervisor lie about me and erase video evidence that would exonerate me from what I was being accused of. I brought this up to the office but they had already cut my final pay check. The same supervisor harassed my friend for hours by calling her endlessly and texting her endlessly after she walked off the job until she agreed to come back. The supervisor's name was drew butz. I would suggest recording every interaction between you and drew since Drew is a pathological liar and a narcissist. Rusty Brummer is the same way.

    Christine Rose
    December 07, 2019

    Amazing quality customer service from Scott! His work is impeccable and he strives for perfection! Very professional & clean. This is the 2nd time Scott has provided home cleaning services for my home. The 1st time w/my newly purchased home he cleaned my wood floors & carpet & now 1-1/2 years later I had Scott back & he did my carpet & some upholstery. I highly recommend Scott from America Cleaning Service, I would never have anyone else!

    Lori Bridgeman
    February 03, 2020

    I have been putting off getting our carpets cleaned for ages because I heard what my neighbor was paying to have hers cleaned by another company and it was outrageous. But when I went into the nearby Allstate office to use their post office, I noticed a flyer for American Cleaning Service, and asked the lady helping me if she had ever used them. She proceeded to rave about Scott and what a great job he does, that he's trustworthy, and very reasonable, so I gave them a call and scheduled our carpet cleaning. Scott just left and our carpets look amazing! Like, 'we were thinking we might need new carpets and now I think we don't' kind of amazing. Scott was very professional, friendly, and hard working. He even used corner guards so the hoses wouldn't mark the corners of our walls. All this for HALF what my neighbor paid to have her carpets cleaned. We definitely won't wait so long between carpet cleanings again!

    Patricia Miller
    December 11, 2019

    Scott has been cleaning my carpets for several years. I love his work ethics and professionalism. Everyone at American cleaning services is very nice and caring. I would not dream of changing services and I recommend them to to anyone asking about carpet cleaning. They are great!

    Margaret Hemry
    February 03, 2020

    My 22 year old Berber carpet looks as good as the day we installed it. It has raised 2 boys in the country and a couple of small indoor dogs. I’ve used Stanley Steamer in the past and was generally pleased with the results, but when Scott with American Cleaning Services came out, my carpet has never looked so bright and fresh. He did an amazing job pulling out years of sand and explained what he was doing. There was absolutely no residue to attract future dirt and grime. Scott and American Cleaning Services will be the only cleaners I will trust from here on out!!! Thank you!!!!

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