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    Luke Avila
    February 11, 2024

    I bought a house and within a week of owning it I had a pipe burst, water had filled my first floor and probably had sat for maybe an hour… I called Gregg immediately after finding it and he was at my house within 15min. He got everything cleaned up and was able to save us from even more damage to the house and floors Can’t say enough good things about Gregg. Personable, professional, easy to work with, and prompt replies whenever we had questions

    Greg Whitten
    April 20, 2023

    Saved me from a completely incorrect demo of an entire wall. I originally noticed a small amount of water on my basements floor. Think this should be a pretty simple fix and solution I called Benjamin Franklin plumbing first, unfortunately. Their tech spent an hour looking for the leak then called in their restoration partner to help look for the leak. They were not able to pin point the leak but were pretty sure it was from my fridges ice maker. Their solution was to demo the entire wall as they felt the leak to be somewhere in the wall they could not see. They came back to me with plans in the thousands of dollars. Not wanting to take one resto company and say go, I called Action. Gregg came out the next day and within minutes pinpointed the leak coming from an upstairs toilets fresh water supply hose. I hired Gregg and Action to clean up any water damage and fix the leak. He was very professional, exact, and very easy to work with. My house is back to normal and I could not be happier. Thank you Action for being there for me, you saved me from a total disaster.

    Bob Norton
    October 08, 2018

    I came home from a weekend outing to find roughly an inch of water in my basement so I called Action Restoration & Property Services. The first truck arrived in about 30 minutes with another not far behind. They worked nonstop sucking out the water, moving furniture, checking for water in hard to reach areas and setting up drying equipment. During this process, Gregg and Andrew were great in informing me what they were doing and why. I appreciated seeing the monitor and camera that showed moisture in the walls so I could see the wet areas shrink each day that the drying equipment ran. I also took note of the high level of care and attention given while they maneuvered their hoses and bulky fans inside. As the project went on, Action returned daily to monitor the wet areas and remove fans as needed. They arrived on time each day with a nice heads up phone call a bit before. Initially I was told equipment may be needed for 3-4 days, but luckily by the third day I had just one fan going which they removed that day. They were able to communicate great with my insurance company which I assumed would be a headache for me to deal with. As a final touch on the last day, they steam cleaned not only the carpet that had been flooded in the basement, but the stairs and entryway where they had walked. Overall, I found them to be very professional and knowledgeable. I would definitely recommend them to anyone who encounters a water emergency.

    Carolyn Bartlett
    November 17, 2021

    We woke on a Sunday morning in April to learn there was a flood in the night and two of our apartments were uninhabitable. We were so grateful to have sat next to Greggs wife at a NOCRA meeting and saved a card she gave me for their company: Action Restoration and Property Services. Gregg and his tead did everything to restore and rebuild. It could have ruined our summer and they just became our allies in minimising our stress. Our tenants appreciated their considerate efforts to respect their property while getting the job done. Though they were displaced through a summer of COVID and shortages they still had good things to say about working with Gregg and his team. Our insurance is also good but insurance is always confusing and Gregg managed as interpretator for both and advocate for us. I can not thank them enough!

    Cara Neth
    October 28, 2019

    I hired Action Restoration & Property Services to clean a 20-year-old rug that I honestly thought was past saving. I just picked them off the internet because I didn't know where else to look. They returned the rug today and I could not be happier. They did a beautiful job and removed stains that other companies haven't been able to handle. They picked it up and delivered it with a smile and a handshake, and the job wound up costing a LOT less than I expected. I would highly recommend this company. They're really nice, to boot.

    Action Restoration & Property Services

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    3201 E Mulberry St unit e, Fort Collins, CO 80524, USA


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