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    Todd Snively
    February 02, 2024

    Predatory practices. Female owner who is non-responsive. Manager, coincidentally named Karen, who doesn’t mind inventing scenarios to justify their untenable position. Harassing and threatening. Don’t do business with people like this.

    Anthony Schwalbauch
    November 14, 2023

    I think this is the best company ever been in my house and I would recommend them for anybody. They are wonderful company, extremely polite and welcoming.

    Jeff Wilson
    June 13, 2020

    This place was horrible !!! After being called in by another plumber, they arrived with equipment for a very light flooding in my kitchen. They never supplied me an estimate saying dont worry, your insurance will take care of it. I told them on multiple occasions, that I could not afford to pay a ton out of pocket and was again told insurance would pay. Bottom line, the left their equipment here for nearly a month (fan and dehumidifier). While here they tore up a few feet of my kitchen floor, destroyed 2 cabinet doors and drilled holes in my wall. Then when insurance denied the claim I was stuck with a destroyed kitchen !! They came and collected their equipment and left. A week later I get a bill for approx $2,000 .. when I argued with them over not supplying an estimate, presenting proof I told them I didnt have the money to pay and showing proof of them saying dont worry insurance will pay !! They ended up calling me endlessly and eventually trying to file a lien on my house !! This is a horrible company and I would recommend to not do business with them. I do have all the paperwork and emails to go with this review.

    June 16, 2020

    Absolute Flood Response has been an absolute life saver. Where do I begin ? We were watching a movie as a family when my son decided to use the restroom about an hour later I was walking down the hallway to find myself ankle deep in fecal matter and water. I was absolutely mortified and couldn’t contain all of the dirty water to one area. I took to Google and Absolute Flood Response was the first company matching my flood response description. I called and was greeted by the friendly voice of Alexa who reassured me that I would be contacted by Edgar, immediately. To my surprise Edgar was calling to schedule a time within the first 30 minutes to determine what I was faced with. Edgar, Sergio, and Liz were at my house within 15 minutes and began the restorative measures necessary to make my home safe. Edgar was able to walk me through the process of contacting my homeowners insurance and reporting the damage to my agent. Next, the team had dehumidifiers set up and a machine that “scrubbed” the very air my children were breathing. I felt supported by Absolute Flood Response in a moment of despair and confusion. I didn’t know where to begin or how to even start the process of fixing the damage that had doomed by home from the flood. The owner Beth has followed up daily with my and walked me through the process as we move forward, and Karen has been the voice of reason with my not so reasonable insurance company. Also, Manny and his crew have gone above and beyond too assure that there isn’t any moisture left in my home. If you are faced with this daunting situation and don’t know where to start Absolute Flood Response is the team for you !

    Nancy Lewin
    August 01, 2018

    They were called and came out right away. They cleaned up the water from the mainline backup. No problem. But apparently the wall still had moisture and it blistered a line across the entire wall! They repaired all the baseboards and drywall but since the blister happened after their repair they wanted me to pay and add'l $500 above and beyond the $10k they were already paid!!! Talk about a RIP off! Their construction manager admitted it was cause by the moisture in the first place! I called to talk to the owner and was told he would call me back 3 days ago. I'm still waiting! Never again will I trust absolute flood response! What a RIP off! Guess making $10k to do the job right was not enough!

    Absolute Flood Response

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