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    Kai Tran
    May 13, 2022

    We had an emergency water damage in the crawl space. Mark and his crew showed up really quick to helped us, really professional, clean and dry on the crawl space were perfect. Recommend to everyone whoever have a same situation like me and should be contact to 911 Restoration of Portland. They are quick, professional, clean, and amazing service.

    Aaron & Hyojin Hughes
    July 24, 2022

    After smoke damage, I hired these people mistakenly. Do not make the same mistake as I did. We were told professionals would come and clean our home. Instead we got people from the temp agency. I had one questionable worker with an old car with expired tabs from three years prior in my home. Needless to say, I have many valuables missing including autographed photos of Michael Jordan, Terry Bradshaw, OJ Simpson and more...Also, antique coin collection my mother had is missing and a few other odd stuff we can't find anymore. We were told it would be cleaned and boxes put back. Content nor house was cleaned and we had to put all content back directly. When it was time to pay the bill, I asked the owner of the company who came to collect to walk through the house with me so he can see what a lousy job they did and how 'unclean' the house was. He refused and said his job was not quality control. He threatened me that he would put a lien on my house and stormed out the door slamming it on his way out. Very Unprofessional. Why was touring the house so wrong? Was he ashamed and expected an easy payout of 60k for cleaning....err...pretend cleaning? I did get sued and a lien was put on my house. After a year and a half, a settlement was reached and much was spent on lawyers and stress over lies and falsehoods. Then, after stuff being in boxes for a year and a half untouched, I find all the dirty content and missing valuables. Stay clear away from this company, 911 Restoration. Use ServPro or some other outfit.

    Jonathan Hernandez
    September 07, 2022

    We had water leak from our 2nd floor laundry room to the downstairs kitchen area. Our experience with 911 Restoration started great. We talked to a service manager that made it seem like we were going to be taken care of. He also seemed to be a family man and seemed honest. My lack of experience with water mitigations didn't prepare me for what was next (first time home owner and first time water mitigation). We were given an estimate for 20k ($20,00), the service manager talked about what the process of drying would be, he also threw language out about repairs (no repairs were ever made, I repeat no repairs were ever made only drying happened). After signing the estimate they started the drying process. The workers doing the drying were very professional and worked very efficiently. The drying was done in 5 days time, that was all they did, drying. BEWARE PLEASE DO YOUR SELF A FAVOR! document all the words said out loud, document and take pictures of all the equipment being used and the amount of time it was used, document and take pictures of all the materials being used. Document everything even if it doesn't seem important! Upon receiving our itemized receipt of only water mitigation, in a very small portion of our home, it came out to be 19k ($19,000) and some odd dollars. Our home owners insurance wouldn't pay due to the exaggerated amount for just water mitigation, our insurance offered 911 Restoration up to $10,000, way above what it should of cost, 911 Restoration wouldn't take it, it wasn't enough. 911 Restoration put a lien on our home with language about foreclosing our home in order to receive their money. They were willing to put our family out on the street for their money. The mitigation should of never been over $3,500. 911 Restoration extremely exaggerated the amount of material they used, the amount of equipment and time the equipment was used, they also went above and beyond to use equipment that was overkill and not necessary. After a very long and stressful 2 years back and fourth between lawyers, public adjusters, neutral umpires, court and 911 Restoration. 911 Restoration settled for $4,500. I will never recommend 911 restoration to anyone, the front line workers are great but the adjusters, the billing and managing part of 911 Restoration all committed fraud, they are thieves. Protect your self, question and document everything.

    Ira Juneau
    November 13, 2022

    Water damage is super stressful. From the beginning JC was really great to work with and made us feel like we were in good hands. They quickly were able to get started and had us dried out and on our way to repair the damage within days. Thanks!!

    Vivian Danella Smith
    September 26, 2022

    Richard saved us! Our incident occurred when we were out of town and he was very good at communicating and taking pictures. He is an honest man and went above and beyond to help us.

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